AsahiKASEI - Our Partner In Education


We are thankful to all of the businesses that support Blue Springs Elementary each year. If your business has helped our students with donations, volunteers, or other donated items we thank you! Without your help we cannot do all the great things we do to produce the future of our great country! With the economy and lack of state/federal funding businesses are vital to our success.

If you have supported our school in any of these manners since we opened in 201O, please send me an email with your contributions as there have been many!





Please see the list of businesses that have given support to our school to inform our parents and community to look for those businesses that understand the connection to schools/ business and that are willing to help. See list below and email your item of help to Cade Baker to be placed on the support page. I do not want to leave any of our supporters off, please let me know if I have so I can add your business to the list.








Dollar General


Wal-Mart- ATHENS

Dugger's Florists- Athens

Rogers Group- Tanner

306 BBQ- Athens

CHIK Fil A- Athens

S and Z- Athens

Clark's Gas, Inc.

Isom's Orchard


Many local churches in the school area provide food weekly for our school kids to take home- BIG THANKS!