Shannon Webster, Counselor
Shannon Webster - Elementary Counselor


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The primary focus of elementary school guidance and counseling programs is education and prevention. The goal is to help students become happy, effective individuals and learners. This is accomplished through developmentally appropriate activities such as classroom guidance lessons, small groups, and individual counseling sessions.


Classroom guidance lessons are taught to every student at Blue Springs Elementary. These lessons are developmentally appropriate and are generally preventive in nature. The goals of these lessons is to equip students with skills that will help them to become self-directed, joyful learners; clear and effective communicators; creative problem-solvers, and productive, responsible citizens….now and in the future.


Small groups are offered throughout the year to all grade levels, as needed. Topics include:

·         Developing Self-Confidence

·         Making and Keeping Friends

·         Anger Management

·         Coping With Family Changes

·         Organizational and Study Skills

 These groups are a wonderful way for students to meet new friends, gain confidence, and develop coping skills.


 Students may benefit from individual time with the counselor. Areas typically addressed through individual counseling include, but not limited to:

·         Friendship issues

·         Difficulty in the classroom (academically or behaviorally)

·         Difficulty on the playground or bus

·         Anger management

·         New student orientation

·         Difficulty coming to school

·         Grief

·         Family issues

 Referrals to meet individually with the counselor may be made by teachers, parents, or students themselves.


If you have questions or concerns about your child or the guidance and counseling program at Blue Springs, please call Debbie Poland, 256-729-4092, or email me at