School Hours/Carline

School starts at 7:35 am

 Dear Parent/ Guardians of BSE students:

Thank you for allowing us to work with your child each day at Blue Springs Elementary. As we work to prepare our students now and for the future. Our staff works diligently each day to provide a world class education. We are thankful for the opportunity.

 It is vital that all students are at school and in class on time each day to begin morning activities. We want to limit the interruptions to class beginnings to provide best practices instruction daily for all students. Our staff is instructed to teach bell to bell each day.

I am including the school bell times below for students and staff. Please use these times during the day for delivery and pickup of your child each day.

If a child rides the bus, they are not counted tardy.

*No phone calls will be delivered to classrooms during instruction time 

*Students will receive In School Suspension time for excessive tardiness


Parents do not need to get out of the car as the line will move in a timely manner. DO NOT drop off any children if school personnel are not present. Once car line stops at 7:35, parent must park and come in office to sign in student.

Student will be marked Tardy if they are not in classroom by 7:35 Tardy Bell.

Remind your child to listen for their number to be called, this speeds up the time needed to load each day.Parents do not need to get out of their cars, we will bring the child to the car in a safe manner. Please put car in PARK when loading until the signal is given to proceed away from the school.

Bus Drop Off - Back of School: Buses will unload at 7:05 each morning. If your child misses the bus, you must bring them to the front car line dropoff area.

Thank you for your help in making this process safe for our students and staff each day.


  •  7:00- School Administrator on Campus by 7am
  •  7:05- Carline Begins Front of School
  •  7:10- Teacher Morning Bell to be in Class
  •  7:35- Morning Tardy Bell Rings ( all students must be in assigned room before bell rings)
  •  2:40- End of day Student Release Bell
  • 2:50 - Carline Begins Front of School - ends approximately 3:10
  •  3:05 - Teacher End of Day bell
  •  4:00- School Administrator On campus until at Least 4pm each day

Thank you for your help as we work to serve you and your child each day.




Cade Baker


Blue Springs Elementary




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